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Worked in US. Now in India. How do I file?

  Sanjiv Gupta CPA  Published 

You may be in India on a temporary assignment or moved to India for some other reason but don’t forget to take care of taxes in the United States.  As you know penalties for late filing and late payment are big and the IRS does not accept “I moved to India” as an excuse for not filing or paying on time.   There are many credits and deductions you can take advantage but you must file your return.  Even if you can not come to the United States, our firm can help you file your tax return. You can contact our office at 510-825-7563 or send a message via the contact us form on our home page.

Hiding Income in India is a Crime

IRS considers non-reporting for income from any foreign sources a crime.  IRS has partnered up for foreign tax agencies to make sure US residents can be held accountable.   IRS is actively pursuing those individuals and businesses that hide income or assets in India or other foreign countries to evade taxes.   The goal of the IRS ensures that US residents and citizens are reporting their foreign income and paying the correct tax in the United States.

Consequences for Evading Taxes on Foreign Source Income

There is no mercy for those who knowingly fraud the United States.   Failure to file a proper tax return or failure to report foreign income can result in additional taxes,  substantial penalties, interest, fines, and even imprisonment.

Do you know someone who is hiding Income in India

IRS has launched a whistleblower program and encourages you to report promoters of off-shore tax avoidance schemes.  If your financial advisor or CPA is telling you to hide income in a foreign country then you are talking to a wrong person.  You should report such a person to the IRS.  You can also apply for a reward by filing Form 211 for the reporting of such schemes.