Foreign Income & Assets Reporting Webinar

This year reporting is due in April. Join this FREE webinar to learn what to report and what should not be reported and how to deal with prior delinquent reporting.

Have you filed your FBAR/FATCA?

Sanjiv Gupta CPA Firm specializes in helping clients with Income and Assets in a foreign country. We have helped hundreds of NRIs become compliant with foreign asset disclouser requirement of a US Resident. We can help you significantly reduce penalties

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Sanjiv Gupta CPA can guide you in both the Indian and the US Tax Matters. We can help you set up a new business (Incorporate) and help you with accounting and payroll services.

Tax Planning

Now is a good time to plan for your next year taxes. Give us a call to set up personal meeting with Sanjiv Gupta CPA.

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We will triple check to make sure you maximize every deduction and ensure you are in 100% compliance of all tax laws.

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We offer full range of business services including Incorporation, Sales Tax, Payroll, Accounting and Yearly Tax Filings.

NRI Services

Consult with us before transferring funds to/from India, buying/selling property, or starting a new business

Tax Saving Strategies

We publish regularly to help you save, grow and protect !

Rehabilitation Tax Credit

Rehabilitation Tax Credit The purpose of federal and state preservation tax incentives is to encourage the private sector investment in the fi

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Solar Tax Credit

Solar Energy Tax Credits

Federal Tax Credits of Solar Energy Tapping the sun to acquire power feels very good. Solar power does not pollute but it reduces the use of f

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