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Why You Should Have A Pension Plan?

  Sanjiv Gupta CPA  Published 
Why You Should Have A Pension Plan?

If you are worried about your retirement, the time to get everything organized is now. First, consider the options that are available. Your pension plan is the security of your retired life. I am obvious that you don’t want any kind of financial burden after retirement, so the earlier you plan the better. There are lots of plans authorized by the US government, and you can select any one of them to suit your needs. Before that, you need to know the basic things involved in retirement planning.

Two types of pension plans

There is a policy known as the cash balance pension plan. According to this plan, you can go for two different pension plans i.e. defined benefit plan and defined contribution plans. In the first plan, you will get a perfect amount of money after your retirement and in the second plan you will have to deposit a set amount of money every time and according to the other terms and conditions, you will get the amount of money against your deposit. The second plan can be beneficial in case your account gains more. Otherwise, you can simply opt for the first plan if you do not want to take any kind of risk.

Fixed date pension plan

Investment can also be categorized in other ways. There is a term known as 401(k) plans. A policy known as target-date retirement refund comes under the 401(k) plan. This is basically long term investment planning, and you can only opt for this pension plan when retirement time is fixed. However, there are also lots of options and categories in a single date target plan. You may get options like a target 2030 plan. Furthermore, there may also be lots of different types of plans in the 2030 plan itself. You will need to choose according to your risk-taking capacity.

You can also try to understand a few things before going for this plan. Check the investment strategy and see how much of your involvement is required or is it mainly the bank that gets involved, and then compare these things with your requirement. Try to understand where your money will be invested. If there is the option of changing the investment plans then also you need to check where, when and how you can change. You should also clearly know when you can access your money.

Tax payment issues

Another major fact is tax payments. You should have a clear picture of the amount of tax that you need to pay on the retirement pension plan, and also the cost of the plan. There are also some important facts stated in The Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 which protects the plan users from different problems. Considering all of this now will also help in your current tax deduction, and will ensure your future is secure.