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What Is The New Home Office Deduction?

  Sanjiv Gupta CPA  Published 
What Is The New Home Office Deduction?

The new deduction for people that work from home could save taxpayers money and time when it is time to file tax returns. There are millions of people that work from home every day in the United States. The Internal Revenue Service has created a new option for these people so that they are able to deduct some of the expenses on their federal income tax returns.

The home office deduction is currently in effect for the 2013 tax year. Workers based out of their home will be able to claim a tax deduction of $5 sq. ft for 300 sq. ft of workspace or less. The total deduction will be up to $1,500 depending on the amount of office space they are using. Space must meet requirements set by the IRS. Space must be used exclusively and regularly for the purpose of business.

 Save Time On Record-keeping And Paperwork

The internal revenue service is estimating that this new option for home office expenses will save more than 1.6 million hours for small businesses in paperwork and record-keeping. However, taxpayers will still have the old option to use Form 8829 in order to calculate the deduction if they choose to.

 Is The New Home Office Deduction The Best Option?

The new home office tax deduction is not going to be the best option for all small businesses. It will be the best option for taxpayers who have less than $1,500 each year in-home office expenses and if the home office is smaller than 300 sq. ft. The best thing to do is to calculate whether your expenses will be more than $1,500 or if you will have a lot of depreciation. If your expenses are much higher than $1,500, then using Form 8829 will be the best option for you. Your tax advisor can also assist you in determining the option that is best based on your individual situation.

This option may be easier for more workers that are based out of their home to be able to get a deduction. In the past, the home office deduction was a red flag for IRS audits. Many people were afraid to take the deduction because they were afraid that they would not have the proper records to back up the deduction. The new home office deduction is a safe harbor method taxpayers can choose to use.

If you work from home, now you can take the new home office deduction when you file your federal tax return this year. The first thing you need to do is determine if you meet all of the IRS requirements for a home office. Next, determine if the new deduction will be the best option for you. Consider speaking with a tax advisor to help you decide what makes the most financial sense for you. Remember, you do not have to use the new home office diction option. You can still use Form 8829 if it will provide a higher deduction for you.