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Tourist Visa Suspended ? How To Travel To India?

  Sanjiv Gupta CPA  Published 
Tourist Visa Suspended ? How To Travel To India?

Is your Indian Tourist Visa Suspended due to Coronavirus restrictions?

Do you need to urgently travel to India?

What if your child or spouse is a US citizen and you are an Indian Citizen or have a PIO card?

Let's take a look at what you can do request a visa in these scenarios:

Solution: You need to apply for an entry visa at your nearest MEA office.

Fill out a new visa application:

Go To: 

After online submission, take a print out, affix signature.

If the application is for your minor children than make sure both parents sign the application and send scanned copy of the same to MEA Office serving your area. 

For example: visa.(your City)

What other documents do you need:

  • Fill the online application in capital letters, sign it and include the photograph of applicant. (Photo size:2 inch*2 inch, in white background) 
  • You will also need to fill out some additional particular form
  • Copy of your passport main page and back page. If this is for child than include the copy of both parents.
  • Include copy of important pages like US Visa Page, Indian Visa age, OCI Card 
  • If there an emergency, include a letter explaining the emergency and documents to prove it.
  • Residence Proof like State ID card/Driving License/utility bill/Rent Lease Agreement/bank mortgage document) 
  • A self attested copy of birth certificate of child applicant (in case of minor applicant)
  • Parental Consent form (for minor children's)

What else you need to do:

Fill Out Self Declaration Form on The Indian Air Port Website.

If you need an exemption -

You will need to upload your coronavirus negative report. 

Tests must be taken no more than 72 hours before your departure from Chicago (ORD)