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How Small Business Can Use LinkedIn?

  Sanjiv Gupta CPA  Published 
How Small Business Can Use LinkedIn?

Linkedin is one of the most successful professional networks which has already roped in over 120 million users across the globe. This social media network has become a significant marketing tool-at-hand for business organizations and entrepreneurs.  But how? As the name suggests, “Linkedin” is all about strengthening online communication. It is like a display shelf: you put up your profile and people get to know about you. Linkedin helps you share business strategies, helps circulate innovative ideas, helps exchange work knowledge and above all keeps you connected with the world.  


Is Linkedin for small enterprises?


The virtual space, being a cost-effective medium of communication, is always helpful for promoting small business enterprises. Digital presence saves establishment cost, which means that even if you do not have a physical retail store you can jolly well sell your products through online marketing carts. In order to understand the usefulness of Linkedin, it is necessary that you understand the opportunities that Linkedin offers.


Helps Create Customer Bank

Whether a manufacturer or a customer, you will get authentic views of news and reviews from Linkedin. It is a trusted portal and is least infiltrated by fake account holders. Also, Linkedin’s automated mail generation service will keep you updated with the latest events and news. Want to create a customer bank? Then start with Linkedin.


Helps Build Brand Image

Linkedin serves as a perfect marketing tool. It helps build brand reputation through its intensive competitive domain. You can find all the famous brands around the world on Linkedin. So while the competition is tough its worth to have an account on Linkedin.


Helps to locate the right vendors

Linkedin serves to be a useful network that helps in circulating your needs to your friends and peers who can help you out with their suggestions and recommendations. When you are in need of a web designer or web content developer for your company the Linkedin contacts help you identify the right vendors for your company. In addition to this small business, people can also extend their business with vendor connections on Linkedin.


Helps Generate Positive Reviews

Small business organizations can extend their customer base and network and in this sphere, Linkedin proves to be a great benefit. The company owner can approach customers who are hugely satisfied with the services of his company and request them to furnish recommendations and good remarks about his company on the Linkedin profile. The recommendations are then forwarded automatically to the customer’s profile. This helps bring new clients.


Helps to raise funds

Linkedin is an excellent network, which helps in connecting small business owners to big investors and with those who are willing to finance start-up business plans. If you have active participation in this professional networking site then you can actually work up good strategies and allure investors to finance your business projects.