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H&R Block Manager Arrested for Identity Theft

  Sanjiv Gupta CPA  Published 
H&R Block Manager Arrested for Identity Theft

Last month I wrote about the IRS agent stealing taxpayers’ information to file bogus tax returns and this month another similar case has come to light.  In a recent incident, H&R Block manager, Damon Charles Dubose, 38, of North Hills, Southern California was arrested for stealing the identity of taxpayers.

According to complaints filed against Dubose, he prepared bogus tax returns in the names of past customers.  The intention was to collect tax refunds and credits, according to prosecutors, and then use the popular H&R Block Emerald cards to withdraw the funds from ATM.

Did Dubose simply walked up to the ATM and collected the refund?

Yes, off course.  He was seen by the local patrolling officer loitering near the ATM’s of three different banks and guess what?  He was wearing pantyhose over his face as well as a scarf and beanies.

Did he actually withdraw the funds from ATM is not clear but authorities found $2960 in Dubose car and another $6900 in Dubose girlfriend home.   In addition to cash, the official found handwritten information of many taxpayers.

Is Dubose behind bars?

Not for now.  He was released on bond and is scheduled to appear in court on April 30th.