Tax Services For NRI In the United States and Abroad

Sanjiv Gupta CPA is of an Indian Origin and provides CPA services to Indian and the US clients.   Our offices are located in San Francisco Bay Area. However, we work with clients from around the globe.  You may be looking for an Indian CPA because you feel comfortable working with someone speaking your language.  Our office is staff with persons of Indian Origins who speak various Indian Languages.  While others like working with Indian CPA mainly due to trust.  Some of our clients work with us while moving to India or moving from India.  Some of our clients looking for Indian CPA are Indian Business Owners.

Some of the common services customers looking from an Indian CPA are:

  • FBAR Filing (Foreign Bank Account Reporting)
  • Indian Bank Account/Income Consultation
  • Consultation For Moving Assets, Money or Income From India.
  • Consultation for setting up a company in the United States.
  • Tax Filing and Tax Audit Representation.

Office of Sanjiv Gupta CPA is located in Fremont CA.  We also do phone consultation and video-conferences for our international clients.  Our office can handle both Business and Individual Tax and Accounting Needs.   We can file your state and federal tax returns,  process payroll, and provide tax audit services.   You can find lots of current tax and accounting information on our website but you can also send us your message or call us for phone or in-person appointment.

Need help setting up business in the United States ?

Our office can help you set up the business in the United States.  You don’t have to be a US Citizen or Resident to start a business in the United States.  We can set up a Corporate Structure, Filing proper paperwork and taxes and process your payroll.

Sanjiv Gupta CPA is also a Certified Accountant (CA) from India.  Our Indian CPA services include the setting up of business, moving funds and filing the taxes.  Sanjiv is available for the consultant via phone and email. You can contact him online.





  1. Hello Sanjiv, I had bank account in india since 2006 and was not aware to either file FBAR or pay taxes on the income generated from the money deposited in foreign banks. The amount never exceeded 70K . The tax owed may be 10K. I am looking for repOrting the income and do what is required to pay the taxes owed and pay the penalties as needed. Please advise on what is the best path to fix this . I have been advised multiple solutions but looking for feedback from expert CPA’s in Sanjiv Gupta CPA firm. Thanks in advance.

  2. Sanjiv,
    I heard your program on Radio and wanted to ask you a question, but couldn’t get connected during the program.
    Here is my question for year 2103 tax filing:
    I sold one residential property in India and then reinvested the capital gain within 3 months into another under construction property. Now I need to filing the Income tax in India to make sure any tax on my capital gains.

    Though considering we need report all our outside of US financial details, what the best way to report that property sell and purchase? Also what will be the tax implications for US tax returns?

    Please advise…

    Thanks Rana

  3. hello sanjiv sir, i am trisha srivastava from india. i am a bcom graduate student and now i want to have a career in usa as cpa but i don’t know from where to start. i was hoping if you can help me? my id is- Thank you

  4. Hi Sanjeev,
    Myself Hetan, We’re provide the accounting service in USA (mean outsourcing), we’re working on quickbook and build up a accounting portfolio. If you will provide the account to us we ensure that we’ll provide u a service within a stipulated time and with a cost saving plan. My mail id is

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