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Are you looking for a Sunnyvale CPA ?  You have come to the right place.  Sanjiv Gupta, Certified Public Accountant, Provides CPA services to entire Sunnyvale CA residents. Your Sunnyvale CPA Sanjiv Gupta provides services to both individuals and small businesses.  We are a boutique Sunnyvale Certified Public Accounting (CPA) firm specializing in individual and small business tax and accounting services.   Our Sunnyvale CPA Firm has been serving the San Francisco Sunnyvale CA Community for last one decade.

Planning on moving to India or Moving from India to CA ?  Want to move $$$ to India or move Rs. to  US Dollars ? Want to buy or Sell property or plan your estate ?  For these and more complex financial problems, you can count on Sanjiv Gupta Sunnyvale CA CPA Firm.  Our firm has expertise in all kinds of international and US tax codes.   Sanjiv Gupta CPA can help improve your financial bottom line and help you avoid paying any unnecessary taxes.  Sanjiv Gupta Sunnyvale CPA firm is well known around San Francisco Bay Area and you are sure to find some one in your friend circle who have benefited from his services.