IRS and YouTube Partnership To Educate You

IRS and YouTube Partnership To Educate You

Internal Revenue Service has partnered up with online video site, YouTube, to deliver its message to general public.  You can find hundreds of useful tax related videos on YouTube.   You can estimate the popularity of this combination by looking at viewership of IRS channel.  Over 1.7 million views makes the IRS YouTube Channel  the fifth most viewed online channel out of more than one hundred and twenty-five YouTube Channels.

IRS conducts online webcast on various topics and post those webcast as video’s on YouTube.  You can participate in online webcast to ask your questions live to an IRS agent or simply view the video’s to enhance your knowledge.  During tax time you find videos about last minute tax tips or how to arrange payment schedule with the IRS.   However, you will also find wealth of knowledge even after the tax time.

Just last month, IRS conducted a webinar called “Small Business Advantage: Put our knowledge to work for you.”  Webinar was over one hour long and included multiple resources to help small businesses thrive.

You can easily find IRS YouTube channel by simply typing IRS in the search box on YouTube.

Sanjiv Gupta CPA advises all his clients to learn from online videos but don’t depend upon those advises entirely.  Often time interpretation of online video can cause quite a bit of confusion and usually end up costing penalties and late payment charges to tax payers.  ‘You should watch the video to understand the basic concept but always consult with tax professional to understand how you can apply the concept in your business” explains bay area’s popular certified public accountant Sanjiv Gupta.

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