Everything You Need to Know About the Aadhaar Card

Everything You Need to Know About the Aadhaar Card

For those who have not linked their Aadhaar number with their mobile SIM cards, bank accounts and other financial services, they are still expected to provide their Aadhaar information in order to avail the government welfare subsidies and schemes. They can also have a huge sigh of relief. This is because the Supreme Court has set a deadline to link for the various services and extended this until there has been a judgment made regarding the pending petitions. It is very important though that not all the services are exempted.

Aadhaar is a unique 12-digit number that is issued by the UIDAI or the Unique Identification Authority of India. This is done by taking person’s biometric details like fingerprints and iris scan and demographic information such as address and date of birth.

Here is a rundown of synopsis on issues regarding Aadhaar:

Aadhaar linking required for these services

The Supreme Court has issued in a ruling that there is a required linking of bank accounts and mobile phones and this will stand indefinitely until the judgment on the pending petition has been pronounced. Except for subsidies, the Center as well as the States cannot insist of the Aadhaar for any service, which also includes the issuance of passports. This relief will also not apply to the subsidies and services that are stated under Section 7 of the Aadhaar Act of 2016.

UIDAI has added another security layer to Aadhaar

The UIDAI or the Unique Identification Authority of India has suggested to include face authentication alongside fingerprints and Iris. This was implemented in July 2017. This can definitely increase security.

UIDAI needs to fix the leak on Aadhaar Number Details

The downside to linking the Aadhaar details to other information is that this can be leaked. Anyone can easily find out the last bank that the Aadhaar holder has gone to because it is made easy through the Aadhaar number. If anyone knows one’s Aadhaar number, then this information can easily be discovered. UIDAI needs to come up with a solution that this data is not as easy to obtain.

How to check authentication history of Aadhaar

The usage and need for Aadhaar number from the UIDAI is becoming quite a necessity and increasing its importance. The Aadhaar number is needed so that one can link this to his or her bank account, investment records, income tax records, insurance policies, provident fund, mutual funds and pension accounts. Therefore, it is also the responsibility of UIDAI to make sure that all these information will remain private.

How to get Aadhaar

Aadhaar has become quite a necessity to possess right now. If the resident or non-resident Indian does not have one, then there are step-by-step guides available on how to obtain this. The first step is to locate an enrollment center and show documents that include proof of address and date of birth.

Checklist of documents and accounts that are to be linked with Aadhaar

Life without Aadhaar can be difficult especially that it seems these have to be linked to daily necessities. Getting a mobile connection, pension and subsidies as well as conducting financial transactions all require Aadhaar numbers. There is a list of documents as well as accounts that can be linked with Aadhaar which make life so much easier.

How to link mobile numbers with Aadhaar

There are multiple benefits to linking Aadhaar to one’s mobile number. It is possible to e-verify income tax return just by using this. IN the process of an OTP that is sent to mobile number and linked to Aadhaar, it is possible to update personal details through one’s mobile phone. The number-holder would just have to download the required verification through the OTP and send this to the mobile number that is linked.

How to link Life Insurance Policies with Aadhaar

Life insurance companies have also mandatorily obtained the Aadhaar numbers of their customers and linked these with their policies. All life insurance companies have online and offline provisions for their policyholders which make it possible for them to link their Aadhaar.

Plastic or PVC Aadhaar Smart Card is not Accepted because it is not Usable

The UIDAI or Unique Identification Authority of India has released a statement that PVC or plastic Aadhaar smart cards are not usable because this becomes dysfunctional especially during unauthorized printing at vendors or shops. There is also a possibility that sharing Aadhaar details such as personal sensitive demographic information may be done even without the informed consent of the devious elements.

Difference between Aadhaar linking and biometric verification

If linking one’s mobile to Aadhaar and verifying it with the telecom operator is the same process, this is not true. Linking Aadhaar to the mobile number means providing it to the UIDAI and also requesting that this be linked to the 12-digit unique identification number, which provides Aadhaar to the telecom service providers which also involves the biometric verification of all the Aadhaar details by the TSP or the Telecom Service Provider.

How to Link PAN with the Aadhaar

Whether the number-holder files the income tax returns or not, he or she is requited to link PAN with Aadhaar. The government has also introduced a new law which makes it a requirement for individual to link this with their Aadhaar.

Aadhaar can now be carried on mobile

There is an app that allows the number holders to carry their unique identification profile on their mobile. Using the UIDAI’s app allows the user to download the number profile through their smartphones without requiring them to obtain the hard copies of the card, whether applicable.

Two-layer security systems in order to improve the privacy of Aadhaar

In order to strengthen the security and safety of the Aadhaar holders, the UIDAI or the Unique Identification Authority has also introduced layers of security that are limited and virtual so that it can improve privacy. According to the news reports that have been released, the authority has also introduced the virtual ID for the Aadhaar holders to utilize in place of their Aadhaar numbers.

How to update or correct Aadhaar details

It is very important for the number holders to always check if the information that they have submitted is correct. The utility of the unique identity number is always on the rise. It can also lead to a numerical or spelling error that is quite inconvenient. Furthermore, the Permanent Account Number must be linked with the Aadhaar even if the details do not match. Because the PAN or the Permanent Account Number must be linked with Aadhaar, then the details are supposed to match. IF this does not match, then the number holder must seed the PAN in Aadhaar. It is important to not just pay attention to the discrepancies or the errors but to also consistently update Aadhaar once this becomes inactive.

Aadhaar Mandatary for Open School Exams

The 12-digit unique identity number is made for those that appear on open school exams. This is also because it was discovered that proxy candidates have been appearing on behalf of the other students. They made this mandatory to avoid this kind of fraud.

How to Enroll Children for Aadhaar

Although Aadhaar is not yet mandatory, it is advised that residents get one. Children must be enrolled with Aadhaar as well. This makes lives easier as everyone moves forward. This is because Aadhaar is needed for travel, investments and education.

Qualifications to Apply for Aadhaar

Aadhaar that is required for financial transactions is applicable for the resident. However, there is still a confusion whether non-residents and expats can acquire Aadhaar numbers and Aadhaar cards.

How to link mutual fund investments with Aadhaar

Mutual fund has been mandated to receive the Aadhaar numbers of customers and also link these to their respective accounts. This pretty much obeys the recent amendment as mentioned in PMLA or the Prevention of Money Laundering Act. Registrar and transfer agents such as CAMS have online facilities.

Aadhaar is necessary when getting EPS benefits

The labor ministry has claimed that pensioners and members that are listed under the Employees Pension Scheme of 1995 ca now provide their numbers so that they can get their pension as well as other benefits. For those who do not have Aadhaar numbers, they can still enroll as long as the deadline is not yet met.

Opening an NPS Account Online Using Aadhaar

Even though the resident can open an NPS account online, this is a process that is not completely paperless. It is necessary to send printouts of the application to the PFRDA or the Pension Fund Regulatory and Development Authority and its Central Recordkeeping Agency in order for the process to be over and done with. The PFRDA has announced that NPS accounts that have been opened online through the Aadhaar e-signature and verification, along with the physical printout of the application will not be required.

Aadhaar or PAN must be registered on the LIC website

Life Insurance Corporation of India has revamped its website. In order to register for the online services, policyholders are required to provide their Aadhaar and PAN details alongside other information like date of birth and policy number.

How to check if your bank account is linked to Aadhaar

Financial institutions, including bank, are required to verify and link the Aadhaar numbers of their customers with their accounts. For compliance, banks are requesting their customers to submit their Aadhaar information and link these with their accounts. However, even if the individual has submitted the Aadhaar details at their branch, there is still the possibility that the link between the two was not completed correctly by the bank. Another possibility is that the bank has not linked the Aadhaar with the account because the details have been misplaced.

Lock your biometrics to avoid the misuse of Aadhaar

Some Aadhaar numbers and personal information of millions of Indians were leaked from the portals of the government. However, the UIDAI claimed that they did not have this kind of cyber-attack. As more and more Indians use Aadhaar rises, the rate of misuse of the data also increases. For Aadhaar user, UIDAI provides the mechanism to lock the individual’s biometric information and also prevent this misuse.

How to duplicate Aadhaar

As the use of Aadhaar card is rising, one has to be more careful not to lose this. However, we all know that once the identity document is lost, getting a copy of this can be quite difficult.

How to reactivate an inactive Aadhaar

If the Aadhaar has not been used for three consecutive years (if this has not been linked to a PAN or bank account or used for any transaction), it is possible to reactivate this. Check the status of Aadhaar by going online. Once it is inactive, there are ways to reactivate it.

How to avoid getting conned at an Aadhaar enrollment center

Given that Aadhaar is a vital document, it is very important for everyone to ensure that they do not fall prey for conmen. Enrollment officials have ill intentions and this raises a huge security concern. Therefore, by visiting an enrollment center in order to get Aadhaar details corrected or apply for a new one, it is very necessary to be vigilant.

Using Aadhaard with Date of Proof for Passport

Getting passport in India can be time consuming and tedious, the government has taken many steps to streamline and also ease the processes. A change is adding this to the list of acceptable documents. Now Aadhaar and e-Aadhaar have been included as documents that can be accepted to proof Date of Birth.

Non-Aadhaar mobile verification for foreign tourists and Non-Resident Indians

The government is looking to provide non-Aadhaar based verification for mobile phones of certain categories such as foreign tourists and NRIs. These are the categories of individuals that seek to ease the verification process for Aadhaar.

ATMs can verify transactions via Aadhaar

New ‘smart’ ATMs can perform Aadhaar-based biometric authentication and the other transactions through net banking against merely dispensing cash. There are new machines that position the ATM as some kind of extension for the bank’s digital channel. In digital banking, he screen is a very valuable real estate for banks and is also customized for every customer.

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