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Wealth Summit 2023 - Full Day Live Event Ended


35145 Newark Blvd, Newark, CA 94560, USA

Date & Time

Sun, Dec 10, 09:00 AM - 07:30 PM

$40 to $75

Unlock Your Financial Potential at Wealth Summit 2023

Welcome to the Wealth Summit 2023, where fiscal savvy meets financial growth. Embark on a transformative journey to financial enlightenment as we delve into the art of tax saving, the science of wealth accumulation, and the shield of asset protection. Our summit is more than an event; it's a nexus where the brightest minds in finance converge to furnish you with the strategies for a prosperous future.


Join us for an invigorating full-day live experience, starting at the break of day and wrapping up as the stars take the stage. The doors to possibility will swing open at 8:30 AM, with the day's official proceedings commencing at 9:30 AM.

Culinary Delights on Us - A $35 Indulgence

Your journey at the Wealth Summit 2023 will be complemented by an array of culinary offerings. Commence with morning delights available at 8:30 AM, enjoy a midday feast around 12:30 PM, and indulge in evening refreshments at 4:30 PM. All courtesy of our event—because a full mind requires a fulfilled appetite.

What Awaits You at the Wealth Summit:

  • Dynamic Tax Planning: Unearth the secrets to keeping more of your earnings through strategic tax planning.
  • Astute Financial Planning: Chart the course for financial growth with bespoke financial planning strategies.
  • Robust Estate Planning: Safeguard your legacy with forward-thinking estate planning.
  • Legal Insights: Navigate the intricacies of small business and real estate law.
  • Growth Opportunities: Discover avenues for business expansion and investment potentials.

Fortification Strategies for Your Assets:

  • Navigate the benefits of Charitable Remainder Trusts and Charitable Lead Trusts.
  • Understand the structuring of Family Partnerships.
  • Explore the protective layers of Life Insurance and Umbrella Coverage.

Join Us at the Pinnacle of Financial Empowerment

Your path to wealth optimization begins here. Book your spot at the Wealth Summit 2023 and transform your financial destiny. With ample parking and an environment designed for enlightenment, your investment in this summit is the first step towards a wealthier you.

Discover Tax Strategies to Reduce Your Taxable Income:

  • Maximizing Real Estate Tax Savings through Foundation Strategies
  • Strategies for Real Estate Professionals: S-Corporation Approaches
  • Exploring Tax Advantages of Long-Term Rentals and Passive Loss Strategies
  • Unique Tax Implications and Prospects of Short-Term Rentals
  • Optimizing Depreciation Write-Offs with Cost Segregation
  • Unveiling the Truth about Capital Gains in Real Estate Sales
  • Leveraging Self-Directed Retirement Accounts for Real Estate Investments
  • Understanding the Basics and Current Trends of Property Exchanges
  • Opportunity Zones: Unexpected Options for Tax Benefits
  • Charitable Remainder Trusts and Appreciated Property

So Many Ways To Save On Taxes

  1. Business Meal Deduction
  2. Home Office Deduction
  3. Travel Expenses Deduction
  4. Home Office Mileage Deduction
  5. Accountable Plan
  6. Fringe Benefits
  7. Hiring Children
  8. Augusta Rule
  9. Employee Achievement Award
  10. Traditional 401(k) (Business)
  11. Traditional 401(k) (Individual)
  12. Solo 401(k) (Business)
  13. Solo 401(k) (Individual)
  14. Simplified Employee Pension (SEP)
  15. Profit-Sharing Plan
  16. Defined Benefit Plan
  17. Self-Directed IRA
  18. Roth 401(k)
  19. Cash Balance Plan
  20. SIMPLE IRA (Business)
  21. SIMPLE IRA (Individual)
  22. SIMPLE 401(k) (Business)
  23. SIMPLE 401(k) (Individual)
  24. Section 412(e)(3) Plan
  25. Coverdell ESA
  26. Bonus Depreciation
  27. Section 179 Expensing
  28. Self-Employed Health Insurance
  29. Medical Reimbursement Plan
  30. Captive Insurance
  31. Small Business Health Care Credit
  32. Qualified Opportunity Zone (Business)
  33. Qualified Opportunity Zone (Individual)
  34. Employee Retention Credit for 2020
  35. Employee Retention Credit for 2021
  36. Emergency Sick Leave Credit
  37. Emergency Paid Family and Medical Leave Credit
  38. Installment Sale
  39. 1031 Exchange
  40. Cost Segregation
  41. FICA Tip Credit
  42. R&D Tax Credit
  43. Work Opportunity Tax Credit
  44. Conservation Easements (Business)
  45. Conservation Easements (Individual)
  46. Family Office Management Company
  47. Deferred Compensation Plan Tax Strategy for Businesses
  48. Deferred Compensation Plan (Individual)
  49. Qualified Educational Assistance Program
  50. Section 139 Disaster Relief
  51. IC-DISC
  52. Tax Loss Harvesting
  53. Charitable Limited Partnership Tax Strategy
  54. Oil & Gas
  55. Donor-Advised Fund
  56. Real Estate Professional
  57. Passive Real Estate Losses
  58. Commercial Revitalization Tax Strategy
  59. Compensation Optimization
  60. Sale of Home Gain Exclusion
  61. Private Foundation
  62. Qualified Charitable Distribution
  63. Health Savings Account (Individual)
  64. Child Tax Credit
  65. Dependent Care Credit