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Tax Saving Strategies for Individuals & Business owners Ended


Online Webinar

Date & Time

Sat, Aug 26, 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

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Welcome to our Exclusive Tax Saving Strategies Webinar: Unlocking Advanced Techniques for Financial Success!

Are you ready to take your tax savings to the next level? Are you eager to discover powerful strategies that go beyond the basics and propel your financial success to new heights? Look no further! Our webinar is designed to equip you with advanced tax-saving techniques that will revolutionize the way you approach your financial planning.

Join us for an immersive session where we dive deep into a comprehensive array of tax-saving strategies. From well-known methods like business deductions and retirement contributions to lesser-known gems such as captive insurance and conservation easements, we leave no stone unturned in our quest to maximize your savings.

Spaces are limited, so reserve your spot now to secure your place at this groundbreaking event. Together, let's unlock the power of advanced tax strategies and set the stage for a future filled with prosperity and financial abundance.

New in 2023

** Which deductions are expiring & what is new in 2023

** 4 Ways To Benefit From EV (Individuals & Businesses)

** Solar Credits

** Family Loans & Exceptions

** Higher IRAs, HSAs, 529s, Mega Roths, Back Door Roths

** Income Deferral & Income Transfer Strategies

** Charitable Trust Strategies

** Real Estate Strategies

** Converting Passive Income/Losses to Active

** Side Hustle Tax Benefits

There are so many ways to reduce your taxable income.  Sanjiv Gupta CPA will focus briefly on numerous tax-saving ideas & will future explore more topics during the Wealth Summit 2023. Here is a small list of ideas you may expect on the webinar.

  1. Business Meal Deduction
  2. Home Office Deduction
  3. Travel Expenses Deduction
  4. Home Office Mileage Deduction
  5. Accountable Plan
  6. Fringe Benefits
  7. Hiring Children
  8. Augusta Rule
  9. Employee Achievement Award
  10. Traditional 401(k) (Business)
  11. Traditional 401(k) (Individual)
  12. Solo 401(k) (Business)
  13. Solo 401(k) (Individual)
  14. Simplified Employee Pension (SEP)
  15. Profit-Sharing Plan
  16. Defined Benefit Plan
  17. Self-Directed IRA
  18. Roth 401(k)
  19. Cash Balance Plan
  20. SIMPLE IRA (Business)
  21. SIMPLE IRA (Individual)
  22. SIMPLE 401(k) (Business)
  23. SIMPLE 401(k) (Individual)
  24. Section 412(e)(3) Plan
  25. Coverdell ESA
  26. Bonus Depreciation
  27. Section 179 Expensing
  28. Self-Employed Health Insurance
  29. Medical Reimbursement Plan
  30. Captive Insurance
  31. Small Business Health Care Credit
  32. Qualified Opportunity Zone (Business)
  33. Qualified Opportunity Zone (Individual)
  34. Employee Retention Credit for 2020
  35. Employee Retention Credit for 2021
  36. Emergency Sick Leave Credit
  37. Emergency Paid Family and Medical Leave Credit
  38. Installment Sale
  39. 1031 Exchange
  40. Cost Segregation
  41. FICA Tip Credit
  42. R&D Tax Credit
  43. Work Opportunity Tax Credit
  44. Conservation Easements (Business)
  45. Conservation Easements (Individual)
  46. Family Office Management Company
  47. Deferred Compensation Plan Tax Strategy for Businesses
  48. Deferred Compensation Plan (Individual)
  49. Qualified Educational Assistance Program
  50. Section 139 Disaster Relief
  51. IC-DISC
  52. Tax Loss Harvesting
  53. Charitable Limited Partnership Tax Strategy
  54. Oil & Gas
  55. Donor-Advised Fund
  56. Real Estate Professional
  57. Passive Real Estate Losses
  58. Commercial Revitalization Tax Strategy
  59. Compensation Optimization
  60. Sale of Home Gain Exclusion
  61. Private Foundation
  62. Qualified Charitable Distribution
  63. Health Savings Account (Individual)
  64. Child Tax Credit
  65. Dependent Care Credit