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Conducting Real Estate Transaction In India?

Tax Implications of A Real Estate Transaction In India for a US resident

Join us on May 27th 2017 @ 10 am for a FREE ONLINE WEBINAR that will teach everything you need to learn about structuring your real estate investment deal so that you can minimize the taxes and improve your bottom line.  We will discuss various topics revolving around buying and selling a property in India.

  • Taxes Involved In owning the real estate
  • Tax Deduction for owning the real estate
  • Depreciation and Capital Gains
  • Passive Investing vs Active Investing
  • How is real estate income treated?
  • How to hold your real estate title & tax implications.
  • REITs (Real Estate Investment Trust) tax implications
  • Real Estate Inheritance
  • Buying property in foreign country
  • Selling property in foreign country

And much More….



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What is Modified Adjusted Gross Income ?

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