Did you get an IRS Audit Letter ?

You don’t have to face an IRS audit alone.  Hundreds of companies in San Francisco Bay Area gets an IRS audit letter every year.  Most of these companies make the mistake of thinking they have no rights once they step inside the IRS offices.  Moreover, business owners visit the IRS offices in panic and often end up giving wrong answers due to their own frustration or because of intimidation tactics used by the Tax Collectors to extract millions of dollars that rightfully belong to taxpayers.

Step # 1 | Don’t Panic about IRS Audit Letter

It is quite understandable for tax payers to feel little frustrated or angry about an audit letter from IRS.  But don’t let this frustration or anger turn into a panic.  Don’t send random documents or emails to IRS.  Don’t make un-necessary phone calls to IRS to explain your case.   For the most part, IRS don’t have complete information about your case.  Any information you provide to them will get added to their file.  This may not be a good thing for you.

Understand what is it that IRS is looking for.  They might be asking for $10,000 or $100,000 in tax payment but this is simply a beginning of an IRS Audit Process.   You can get this amount lowered or eliminated by providing proper documentation and seeking help from a tax professional.

Step # 2 | Send us your IRS Audit Letter

Sanjiv Gupta CPA firm is located in San Francisco Bay Area with offices in Fremont and Sunnyvale CA.  Our staff has extensive experience in dealing with IRS Tax Audits.   Just send us your IRS Audit Letter, and we call you back within 24 hours to arrange an appointment with Sanjiv Gupta CPA or to inform you about the next step. We will examine your IRS audit letter and come up with an action plan.

Step # 3 | Organize Documents and Respond to IRS

We will help you get organized for the tax audit.  We have heard the tax audit questions many times and know what is it that IRS is looking for.   In many cases, we can simply draft a letter to IRS explaining your tax situation and attach the supporting documents but in some case this process can be little complex and may require meeting with an IRS agent face to face.  But don’t worry – we are here to help you get through the tax audit.


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