Bankcruptcy Attorney Fraud Making News

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Bankcruptcy Attorney Fraud Making News

Thinking about doing Bankruptcy? Think twice before you pick your attorney. An Illinois attorney was recently accused of using his bankruptcy client’s credit cards to make purchases. Moreover, the lawyer also asked an employee to create false tax returns in order to avoid student loan payments. The attorney was arrested on federal fraud and obstruction charges, reported Chicago Tribune.

Bradley A. worked for the Vernon Hills lawyer and was regularly asked by his employer to get cash advances from the credit cards of his Bankruptcy clients. This debt was later included in the bankruptcy filing of his clients. Bradley is now being described as a “cooperating individual”. He was arrested for identity theft in 2010.

Aubel was also asked to create false tax returns. For example, In 2009 he reported income of $75,585 and $82,330 for the year 2010. These fraudulent returns were created to purchase a 2011 Honda Fit at a local dealership. While this was going on, another frequently tax return be filed for the year 2009 with reported income of $7578 and for the year 2010 with a reported income of $7,018. These two tax returns were used to file to get loan forbearance on a debt of more than $100,000.