How To Deduct Commuting Cost ?

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How To Deduct Commuting Cost ?

Mar 19, 2012 Posted by Sanjiv 2 Comments

Have you thought about deducting your commuting expense?  Most of us living in Bay Area drive a long distance to get to work and would love deduct our growing commuting expense. So, here is what you need to know about deducting commuting expenses

Self-employed or contractors (aka 1099 employees) can take advantage of deducting commuting cost.  You can establish a home office and deduct cost of travelling between your home office and any other location where you conduct work-related activity.  Activates such as meeting with clients for interviews or business presentation can be consider as work related.

To take advantage of this kind of deduction, you must have a home office aka principle place of your business.   You can only deduct commuting cost from “principal place of your business”.  Good news is that you get to decide where you want to set up your “principle place of you business”. Consultants and self employed will find it very convent to set up their residence as their principal place of business.  Please note that in order for your home to qualify as “principal place of your business” it must be used regularly and exclusively for management and administrative functions of your business.

Now that you have your base office established, you can deduct your commuter cost between your home office and work locations by car.  You can write off the standard business mileage allowance or you can write off the actual expenses including depreciation of your vehicle.

You take the deduction by filing Schedule C if you are a single member LLC or sole proprietor or on Schedule E if you are partner or member of multimember LLC.

Still have question about deducting your commuter deduction – simply leave us a comment here.

You Can Deduct Up To 55.5 Cents a Mile in 2012

Jan 19, 2012 Posted by Sanjiv 1 Comment

Now you can deduct up to 55.5 cents a mile for business driving expense.   You can use this rate for all kind of vehicles including cars, vans, pick up and panel trucks.  Rate increase was recently announced by the IRS for the year of 2012.

You can deduct actual cost of vehicle operation by keeping track of expenses.  However, Standard Mileage deduction can be used by those who do not keep track of actual cost.  Standard mileage rate is determined by authorities using the annual study of fixed and variable cost of automobile operation.

In addition to the mileage rate, you can claim a separate deduction for expenses like, parking fees, or tolls.  You can also deduct interest and state and local taxes relating to the purchase of the automobile.

Please note when the standard business mileage rate is used, automobile depreciation will be considered to have been allowed at a rate of 23 cents a mile. This depreciation will reduce your cost basis in the vehicle.

Where you cannot use the standard deduction?

For the most part, standard deductions are great place to start if you do not document each expense.  However, in some cases standard deduction is not your friend. For example, you cannot use standard mileage deduction for automobiles used for hire like taxicabs.  You cannot use standard deduction of vehicle that was previously depreciated by other than straight-line method.

We recommend, you consult with your Tax Professional to ensure your deduction is calculated accurately.

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