Opening NRO/NRE Account at SBI Fremont

Sanjiv subscriber

  • David

    thi guy talks a lot and does less and very inconsitent in responses. I hope he learns being careful in his responses.

  • Rs9996

    Well said David. Be careful of his advises.

  • Ambalal Parmar

    my son wife NISHITA GUPTA is citizen of CANADA She have @3lacs PPF from her grand father and she want to transfer that amount by opening NRO ACCOUNT At SBI Syajigunj granch VADODARA me

  • ReplyToDavid

    Lol….maybe you should go to his office and pay him for a response. After all that’s how we all make our living!!

    • ReplytoReplyToDavid

      Lol, may be he should have consistent responses ?