Tax Planning

Tax Return Preparation:

Don’t worry: – You found the right tax professionals. Our tax practice has been meeting and exceeding the needs of its clients in many aspects of tax return preparation. From the simplest to the most sophisticated financial transactions, including negotiations and settlements with the Internal Revenue Service and the Comptroller of the Treasury.

Foreign Account Reporting:

Have bank account in India, Canada or some other country ? Don’t forget to file the proper disclosure to ensure compliance with new laws.  Let our professionals help you navigate the complicated laws.  We have expertise in filing returns with foreign accounts and assets.  We can help you bring your money from other country to United States or help you file proper return. You can learn more about FBAR filing here.

Tax Planning Services:

Paid too much in taxes ? There are many things you can do that can help you reduce your tax liability.  You can consult with our office to learn more about your options. Simply bring your last couple years of tax returns along with your this year projected income.   Based upon this information and your current situation,  our tax professionals can help you find ways to reduce your taxes.

Financial Consulting:

We cover many areas in financial consulting including 401k, IRA, Retirement, Education, Stocks, Bonds, Home, Business, Rental, Buy, Lease and Insurance. We take account of all your past, current and future financial transactions to come up with a plan that can help you achieve financial stability and reduce your tax liability.

Accounting Services:

You can count on Sanjiv Gupta CPA firm for all sort of accounting service.  We can help you get your books in order and help you prepare for coming tax time.